We are now able to change our names on Twitch.

Whether you are looking to change your identity or whether you want to rebrand – you now can, and pretty easily at that.

How To Change Your Twitch Username

You will first need to log into Twitch and headover to your profile settings..

Scroll down next to Username and you will see a pencil icon to change your username

You will then be taken to a page where you are able to enter your new username.

A couple of things to note:

  • You are only able to update your username ever 60 days.
  • When you change usernames Twitch will hold it for 6-months – you may want to go back to it later. If not it will be free for anyone to pick up.
  • If someone changes their username you aren’t able to go and pick it up straight away – Twitch said so themselves.
  • Changing your user name may result in you losing your streamer stats – be sure to download them before you change your name.
  • There is no redirection put in place for your old channel URL – this means that if you have links in your social media or on your channel, you will need to update these.