Green screens are essential if you want to have a transparent background for your stream – and they make your stream look cool!

It’s extremely popular with streamers as it gives a more immersive experience for the viewer.

It’s mostly used for stylistic purposes as you are able to turn your background into the game that you are streaming.

We’ve tried and tested all of the best green screens for streaming so you don’t need to go through multiple purchases to find the perfect one for you.

Dr Disrespect streaming PUBG

In this article, we are going to breakdown the top 5 options that we recommend that you get for your green screen. These will range from budget options for people who are on a tight budget to a higher-end option if you have some cash to splash.

Our Top Picks

#1 Elgato Green Screen

Elgato green screen
Collapses down to the base for fast and easy packing awayQuite a bit more expensive than most of the other green screens
Can adjust to any heightThe unit is heavy as it weighs 21 pounds
Extremely versatile and can be placed anywhereA lot of moving parts which means that if something breaks it can be annoying to fix

# 2 LimoStudio 9 x 15 ft. Green Chromakey 

Limno green screen chromakey
Dimensions are big and able to cover large backgroundsStand does not come with the green screen – additional costs to buy
Comes with clips so that you are able to attach it to whatever you want to hang it fromMaterial isn’t the best – can quick accumulate wear and tear if you are constantly putting it up and taking it down
Affordable if you don’t need to buy a stand for the green screenShades of green that this comes in isn’t consistent – ordering 2 may mean you get 2 slightly different shades of green

#3 Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Chromakey 

Fancierstudio chromakey green screen
Super cheapNeed to hang it – does not come with a stand
PortableThe green side is a little darker than we would like
Comes with both green and blue screen if you need either colorNot very big if you need to cover a large background

What Is A Green Screen?

A green screen is simply a sheet that sits behind you in your background which will allow you to turn that portion of your frame into anything you want – a picture, video, game or even just a color.

It can be made from almost anything such as sheets, paper, plastic or cardboard – you can even just paint the wall behind you green and that can work. The hex color for a green screen is #00ff00 which looks like this.

green screen color

When this is in the frame you can then use programs like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit or post-editing software like Adobe Premier.

Lighting Your Green Screen

It’s important that you have great lighting with your green screen so that when you’re on stream, the background stays consistent. If you have poor lighting sometimes you will experience static where your background is. 

The reason for this is that when you use chroma to change your background it will not register all of the green in the frame. You don’t want this as it will make your background look choppy and cheap.

The lighting setup that we recommend when using a green screen is a Neewer LED light combined with a softbox.

You’ll want to use the softbox (or similar light) to light the front of you which will point at your face and the Neewer LED light for behind you to shine on the green screen.

Doing this will help prevent the static effect and shadows that you’ll get from poor lighting as the green will be brightened up by the lights and the camera will be able to clearly register the difference from the foreground and background.

Which Camera Should You Use With A Green Screen?

It’s vital that you’re mindful of the camera that you’re going to use as it can either make or break whether your green screen will display correctly.

With a cheaper/lower resolution web camera it will be difficult for the software to read the areas of the frame which are covered by the green screen. For this reason, we recommend using a DSLR camera

If this is out of your price range as it can be expensive for a complete set up then we recommend the most popular webcam used by streamers – a Logitec C920. This webcam is great value for money and is under $100. It will perform fine and even has a useable microphone built-in to it.

What Programs Can You Use A Green Screen With?

Most capture programs such as OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS offer in-built green screen compatibility.

Personally, I use OBS Studio as I find that the easiest to work with the green screen.

A setup guide for this can be found below and is what I used when first getting started.

Final Tips

As mentioned in the video above – using a green screen is CPU intensive when it is using chroma in order to replace the green in frame with a new background.