Everyone wants to support their favorite streamer but… it can be expensive.

You can either purchase bits or you can sit through an advertisement in order to get them credited to your account (anywhere between 1 – 5 per ad viewed).

Luckily Twitch will let you earn bits by watching ads on your favorite streamer’s channel.


How To Watch Ads For Bits

  1. Log in to Twitch – it’s available on all platforms – PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. Generally, you will farm more bits on desktop so I’d recommend doing it on your computer.
  1. Navigate to a stream of your choice.

3) Click the bits icon at the bottom of the chat.

4) Click ‘Get Bits’

5) Click the ‘Watch Ad’ button.

You’ll then have a pop-up window that will then play an ad.

Once the ad is completed you will then have bits credited to your account which you can then donate to whoever you like.

A Couple Of Things To Note

  • It will be an interactive ad just like most of the others on Twitch. Once it is completed you will then have the bits credited to your account.
  • You will only be able to watch a few ads a day – this is to prevent people from creating bots/scamming Twitch for an unlimited amount of bits – usually after 24 hours you’re good to watch ads again and earn your free bits.
  • You need to interact with ads in order to receive bits – make sure you do!
  • You are required to be in the United States in order to access this feature.

How Much Can You Really Earn From Watching Advertisements?

If we look at the cost of purchasing bits we can see that the more you purchase the cheaper they are.

Although, most people are going to opt into buying 1,000 bits as that’s a better balance of value, quantity, and price.

In this case, a bit costs 1.6c each.

If at most you are able to watch 5 ads per day and receive the most amount of bits possible you would have 25 bits.

This only equates to $0.40 for a couple of minutes of ad viewing.

It’s not a great deal in terms of time for bits, but, if you’re watching a stream and want to support the content creator then this method is totally a great way to earn free bits.

You could do this each day and eventually save up enough bits to donate and get a shoutout on stream!