If you are currently streaming on Twitch you would be aware that there are a number of statuses that you can have. Depending on how established a broadcaster is will depend on whether you’re a partner or affiliate.

You will want to become a partner if you want to take advantage of all of the benefits that are on offer for gaining partner status.

What Is An Affiliate Partner?

A Twitch affiliate allows broadcasters to begin making an income on Twitch through a variety of channels such as bits, subscriptions and commission on sales of games through the Twitch platform.

How much do Twitch affiliate partners earn?

As an affiliate partner, you are eligible to make revenue from bits – this is when someone purchases them from Twitch and then ‘cheers’ you. Affiliates make $0.01 per bit that is cheered.

Subscription payouts vary depending on which tier the user purchases as there are 3 levels – $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99. Affiliates earn 50% of the subscription that users purchase which means that if a viewer subscribes to a $9.99 tier then the broadcaster would earn about $5.

Twitch affiliates will also 5% commission on games that they sell through the Twitch platform.

Minimum requirements for becoming an affiliate partner

In order to become an affiliate, you will need to complete the ‘Path to Affiliate’ achievement which can be found in your Twitch dashboard.

The minimum requirements for becoming an affiliate aren’t hard to achieve and can be done by acquiring: 

  • 500 total minutes broadcasted
  • 7 unique broadcast days
  • Average 3 concurrent viewers

How To Sign Up For The Affiliate Program

Once you have met all of the requirements and completed the Path To Affiliate achievement in your dashboard you will be sent an invitation. There is no application for that you need to complete – sit tight.

It is the precursor to becoming a Twitch Partner which comes with even more benefits.

What Is A Twitch Partner?

The Twitch Partner program is similar to the affiliate program although it comes with added benefits while also having a higher barrier to entry. Some of the primary benefits are ad revenue, better direct support from Twitch and custom emotes.

How much do Twitch partners earn?

The monetization is extremely similar to affiliate partners.

Partners will have a revenue share with channel subscriptions although top tier partners can make up to 70% of the subscription revenue. This means that for every $5 subscription the broadcaster will make $3.50 rather than what affiliates make – $2.50.

Bits can also be donated – the conversion rate for bits to dollars remains the same which is $0.01 for 1 bit.

The biggest benefit is the ability to make revenue from ads. The amount a partner will get paid vary depending how often the broadcaster chooses to show ads to their viewers. Disguised Toast says he averages 10,000 concurrent viewers, never hits the ad button (only shows the ads when a viewer first comes to the stream) and makes $4,000. This is totally dependent on your frequency and viewer volume.

Of course there are other revenue channels which any streamer can take advantage of with no requirements of any partnerships with Twitch such as:

  • Sponsorships
  • Brand deals
  • Donations through streaming platforms such as Streamlabs OBS

Additional benefits of being a Twitch Partner

Partners will be able to gain some game changing benefits which will both improve the quality of your stream through extra features and support:

Channel customization:

  • Custom chat badges – give viewers custom badges based on how many months they have been subscribed to you. This encourages returning subscribers to boost revenue.
  • Custom emoticons – have up to 50 custom emoticons (dependent on subscriber points you have) for your viewers to use in the chat.
  • Custom emoticon prefix.
  • Custom bit badges and cheermotes.
  • Verified user badge which will increase your credibility to new viewers.
  • Free lifetime channel subscription for your chatbot – this is extremely helpful for greater functionality.
  • Up to 3 free lifetime channel subscriptions for anyone you choose.


  • As a partner you will have VODs stored for 60 days – this is 14 days for affiliates. This will allow you to playback and save clips for a longer amount of time if you need to go back to previous streams.
  • Reruns and premieres – you will have the ability to broadcast previous streams and show new videos to viewers.

Channel Support

  • Partners have dedicated support teams where they can access Partner Help and have responses in 1-2 business days.
  • Create ‘stream teams’

Other Benefits

  • Priority access to special promotional opportunities – Partner Spotlights, Meet & Greets, Partner Panels and more.
  • Gain full access to transcoding to ensure that you have the highest quality stream. While affiliates only have access to transcoding bandwidth ‘as available’, partners will have full access to transcoding.
  • Stream delay – gain the ability to delay your stream up to 15 minutes to avoid stream snipers.

Minimum requirements for becoming a Twitch partner

Similar to becoming a Twitch affiliate, you will be required to complete an achievement in your Twitch dashboard. This consists of:

  • Stream for 25 hours in the last 30 days
  • Stream for 12 unique days in the last 30 days
  • Reach 75 average viewers in the last 30 days

You will first become a Twitch affiliate before later becoming a partner.

How To Sign Up For The Partner Program

Once you have the minimum requirements to become a partner, you will then need to submit an application.

To submit the application you will need to do so in your Twitch dashboard and will only appear when you’re eligible.

All applications are reviewed manually which means you’ll have a Twitch employee reviewing your channel so make sure everything is up to scratch before you do apply. This takes about 7 business days where you will then have a decision whether you are going to be made a partner or not.

Note: just because you have the minimum requirements to become a partner doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be made one. You may need to do a little more work before they approve you.


It is much better to be a Twitch Partner rather than a Twitch affiliate as you will be able to gain access to all of the additional benefits.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is a stepping stone to becoming a Twitch partner and so you will need to complete the first set of achievements before you should focus on completing the Path To Partner achievement path.