An active Twitch account can get hundreds of comments every day. Not every interaction will be friendly or useful, but many are valuable. Do you remember that helpful tip from a commenter about how to improve your Twitch channel? No? Well, it’s a good thing you can dig up that conversation from your old Twitch chat logs.

Before we show you how to check Twitch chat logs, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of reviewing your chat history.

Importance of Checking Twitch Chat Logs

Your Twitch chat logs are archives of every conversation had on your channel. Maintaining and checking your chat history can help you with the following:

Identifying Inappropriate Comments

If your channel becomes a haven for trolls and other online bullies, viewers may start avoiding you. Even worse, ignoring offensive comments might lead people to assume you agree with the offending party, which can affect your brand image. Inappropriate comments that breach Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS) can also lead to your channel getting blocked.

Regularly review your chat history to identify offending commenters and take necessary actions.

Evaluate Disciplinary Actions

If you believe Twitch has penalized you or one of your viewers unfairly for an alleged statement, you can appeal the punishment. Find the pertinent conversation within your chat logs and show Twitch what really happened.

Gather Useful Data

Your chat log is a treasure trove of new content ideas from your viewers. Other useful data your viewers might intentionally or unintentionally leave in your comments include:

  • Feedback on how to improve your streaming
  • How to grow your brand
  • Who your top competitors are
  • What type of content your viewers want to see

Regularly read your chat logs to see how you can give your viewers a more satisfying experience and increase your number of followers.


Big streamers sometimes drop invitations to collaborate with upcoming streamers within their chats. Avoid missing great opportunities by frequently checking your chat logs.

Get to Know Your Community

As your community grows, your loyal followers will develop lingo and inside jokes that only those who follow your channel will understand. Use the slang to communicate with your fans and share jokes. Otherwise, you might alienate your followers. Also, staying in the know about your loyal viewers shows you care, fostering even more loyalty and engagement.

How to Check Your Twitch Chat History

Twitch is constantly improving its moderation tools, but finding your chat logs on the platform can be tricky. If you are having trouble finding yours, here are some of the best ways to get it done:

Watch Your VODs

Twitch recently added a VOD chat recording tool to its app. It lets you record streaming sessions, and it’s the best method for viewing old chats in their unedited form. For example, if a user made a comment and later edited or deleted it, watching your VODs will reveal the original comment, not the edited version. 

If you don’t want to slog through hours of chats, Twitch’s in-app VOD recording lets you view chats sent by specific users during past streams. Note that affiliates can only access VODs from the last two weeks of recordings; non-affiliates can view VODs from only a few days ago.

Use Chatty or Another Third-party Program

The chat tracking tools provided by Twitch are useful but not the most robust. An open-source, java-based tool like Chatty offers more options for monitoring and tracking old and new chat logs. Note that Chatty stores chat logs for only a few weeks, after which they get deleted.

Learning how to use the tool may take a while, but once you master it, you can log your chats and review them for various purposes. Chatty also lets you store Twitch chat logs locally for review later.

User Search Command

Are you looking for a comment from a specific user? On Twitch, you can type a user’s name into your channel’s chat search box and get useful data about that person. Some of the information Twitch will provide when you use this method include:

  • All the comments the user left on your channel
  • All the comments your moderators left about that user
  • When the user created their profile
  • The number of messages the user has sent on your channel
  • The number of times the user has timed out in your chat
  • The number of times Twitch has banned the user

The user search command is particularly useful for confirming if a banned user is utilizing a different account to comment on your channel.


Nightbot and other Twitch chatbots can moderate and filter your chat on your behalf. The automated software makes logging your chats a breeze and can even help you create a searchable log of every comment in your chat. Some chatbots also let you store your chat logs locally on your computer. Don’t forget that your chatbot will only work after activating it.

Twitch’s data-sharing rules do not permit posting chat logs online. If you have chat logs stored locally, do not share them publicly. Otherwise, like OverRustle Logs, you could get bad news from Twitch’s legal team.

Become a Moderator

Moderators can view the chat logs of each user. When logged in as a moderator, click on Moderator View (the sword icon on the bottom right of your screen) and the name of the user you want to review. Every comment that user made will appear, and you can also view various useful information about that user, such as if they have any active bans or reports.


Twitch is the fastest growing game streaming website, and reviewing your Twitch chat logs has numerous benefits, from flagging inappropriate behavior to content improvement and moderation. Of all the above methods, using a chatbot is probably the easiest way to track and monitor comments from specific users. Keep in mind that each chatbot is different, so make sure you choose one with features that can achieve what you want.