As we covered in a previous article, a chatbot is a piece of software that will interact and create extra functionality in your stream.

These are used by all of the top streamers to give a better experience to their viewers.

Some of the features that most chatbots will have are commands, song requests, giveaways, timers, spam protection and more.

The main purpose of having it is to moderate and respond to commands that viewers type into chat.

This will allow you to focus more on the stream so that you don’t need to answer simple questions that are asked over and over.

There are also use cases for which will allow you to increase user engagement with promotional offers as it can put updates in chat. Eg. promo codes or links to affiliate sites.

From our experience the best chat to use is Nightbot.

This also happens to be the most popular used amongst Twitch streamers due to its ease of setup and all of the functionality that it comes with.

In this review, we are going to cover the top chatbots that are frequently used in streams so that you can find the best one that suits you!

For a quick breakdown of some of the chatbots that we’re going to cover here and more – I found a great overview of what each bot is able to do here. Thanks to Reddit user /u/dhamster


Nightbot is the most popular chatbot out there and is used by some of the biggest streamers out there such as Ninja.

You are able to see a list of the commands that he uses on his Twitch stream here.

Ease Of Setup

The setup process is quite simple for Nightbot.

Head over to Nightbot and sign-up. You’ll need to sign-up for either Twitch or YouTube (whichever one you’ll be streaming on will be the easiest).

Once you do this you will on the Nightbot dashboard.

You’ll then need to join your channel with it and give it the permissions it needs to operate in your stream.

To do this click the ‘Join Channel’ button in the top right of the dashboard.

The next steps will be different if you are connecting to YouTube or Twitch.

If you’re using Twitch you’ll be prompted to head to your Twitch channel and type /mod nightbot.

If you’re using YouTube you’ll need to add Nightbot as a moderator to your channel.


The usability of Nightbot is comprehensive and comes with a load of in-built features as well as some customizability.

Commands – the software comes with both default and custom commands that will allow users to type in commands into chat and get information such as the current game that is being played or the ability to request songs.

You are able to change which users have the ability to use certain commands. This is handy if you have moderators in your stream and would like them to update information.

Cooldowns can be used so that users are limited to how often they can trigger commands.

Custom commands can be used to give information to users that they may often want such as your gaming setup.

For this, you could create a command that links to an information page with your setup.

Giveaways – this is a tool that can be used if you are doing giveaways on your channel.

With this tool, you are able to select who is eligible to win the prize from your viewers. For example, if you only want regular viewers to have the chance to win you can toggle other categories off.

You can also have different methods of users entering the giveaway such as being an active user, typing a keyword or random number.

Random number is probably the most fun way to hold a giveaway. The way this works is a number will be randomly generated and then the first user to type the number into the chat will win.

Song requests – this will allow users to request songs to play in the stream. This is great to increase user engagement with your chat.

Spam protection – this will time users out if they continue to spam the chat. You are able to customize the rules in order for a user to get timed out but it’s a great way to ensure that your chat isn’t overloaded with emotes.

Timers – make Nightbot put a message into the chat for a set about of time you define. For example, you may make it have a message every 10 minutes with a link to your website. Having automated messaging is a great way to push promotions or ger viewers to complete actions such as subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Streamlabs OBS Chatbot

Streamlabs OBS do have some of the best services out there in terms of tools for your stream and their chatbot is no exception.

It comes with a bundle of features that are useful and even more than Nightbot.

The only reason we don’t like to recommend Streamlabs OBS for a chatbot as much is that it is slightly more difficult for the setup process.

Other than that it has awesome integration within the Streamlabs OBS software. If you are already using Streamlabs as your streaming software then I would say that this is a better option for you.

But for most Twitch and YouTube streamers that are using OBS Studio then Nightbot would probably be a better option.

Ease Of Setup

Setting up this chatbot is slightly more tricky as it is running on on your computer rather than on the web.

I have created a detailed tutorial on how to setup Streamlabs’ chatbot in a previous article.

Basically, you are required to set up a separate Twitch channel which will then connect the chatbot to and then that channel will act as the chatbot.

You will also have to download the Streamlabs software in order to run it as it is not a web based software.

For another easy tutorial, I also found this video which is quite helpful.


The chatbot comes with a ton of features which includes:

  • Chat
  • Commands
  • Timers
  • Giveaways
  • Quotes
  • Counters
  • SFX
  • Loyalty
  • Mini-games
  • Events
  • Sing requests
  • Queues
  • Notifications
  • Moderation
  • Cloud
  • Hotkeys/macros
  • OBS functionality
  • HTML5 overlays

Some of these are the exact same as mentioned in Nightbot so I won’t re-explain their functionaility.

One of these biggest benefits of using Streamlab’s chatbot is that it works cohessively with all of the other functionailities in the software.

If you are already using their software with all of their widgets such as alert boxes and media sharing then you can easily set the bot to work alongside everything else in the software.

There is OBS Studio integration but it is a bit more difficult to set up.

My favourite command that is inbuilt is the !clip command. This allows users to easily clip your stream.


Mootbot has extremely similar functionality to Nightbot. It does come with a bunch of free features although if you’d like to unlock more than 25 custom commands or unlock the ability when new users join.

Ease Of Setup

This chatbot has an extremely similar setup process to Nightbot.

For a detail overview of what you are able to do and how to set up Mootbot, you can check out this YouTube tutorial.


Mootbot has an awesome dashboard.

It comes with some pretty standard features for free.

This includes commands, spam filtering ect.

There’s nothing super special here but you may prefer Mootbot’s interface over the other as it’s super easy to navigate and use.

Can You Use Multiple Chatbots At The Same Time?

You are able to use multiple chatbots at the same time. For example, you may want to use the spam filtering feature in Mootbot while holding giveaways with Nightbot.

After some testing, you are going to find that you like some features in one piece of software in another and it is handy to have a couple set up.

This is totally fine and all you need to do is set up and connect the chatbots that you want to your channel.

With this said, remember that the more tools that you are going to be managing. The whole point of having a chatbot is to make your job easier and remove the task of manually moderating people or giving information to the stream.


Chatbots are an awesome tool to automate moderation and complete tasks much easier on stream.

The main reason you would use it is so that you can focus more on your stream and less on controlling the chat.

With useful tools such as commands, timers, and giveaways you are able to enhance your stream with just a little bit of set up.

Let us know which chatbot you use and which features have improved your stream the most!

Resource List

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